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Using Figurines in Language Therapy

Being an SLP, I have a lot of toys and games.  I have already talked about how much I love Orchard Toys to work on speech and language.  One of my other favourite toys is using figurines. Most specifically using animal figurines.  I have a wide range of animals and they pretty much live a school that is how much I use them.  One reason I like animal figurines so much is that children are constantly exposed to animals in the books they read and often in the activities they are exposed to at school. Children like animals. Another is, it is so easy to make a game using figurines.  They are more engaging than worksheets or even pictures of animals.  I believe that children need to manipulate toys.  I feel that it helps children learn the language skills they are trying to learn. Here are some of the ways I use figurines.

Those Crazy Pronouns: Working on He, She and They in Therapy

Pronouns can be very very tricky for children with language delays. Every year a good portion of the children I work with end up with pronouns as one of their therapy goals.  As usual the first step is to figure what they are doing and why they are doing it.  For some of the children, it's a problem with pronunciation.  They can't pronounce he, she or they.  They substitute another word that is easier for them to pronounce. For other children, it's the fact that they have difficulties distinguishing boys from girls and so they interchange "he" and "she." The last group uses the wrong type of pronoun. The most common mistake is using possessive pronouns for personal pronouns. These children will say "His is running" instead of "He is running." Okay, so now you have figured out what they are doing wrong. How do you help them use the correct pronoun? Here are some ideas that I use in therapy.