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10 Ways to use Groceries to Help with Language Development

Last post I talked a little about how you can use laundry to help language development.  This week I would like to talk to you about the many ways you can use groceries and grocery shopping to help with language development. 

10 Ways to Use Laundry to help with Language Development

I feel that it is important for children to be involved in chores around the house.  Of course, they need to be appropriate for the child's development. I would not want a two year old walking around with ceramic dishes!  It helps with supporting independence and a feeling of accomplishment.

A couple of years back an SLP friend of mine challenged me to come up with as many ways as I could to use laundry to help build language skills.  I came up with ten (well actually thirteen) and I thought I would share them with you. 

Using Orchard Toys in Speech and Language Therapy

First off I’m not benefitting financially in anyway from this post. I just love Orchard Toys.   These games are some of my "go to" games when doing therapy. Many of them are co-operative games which can eliminate the need many children have to be the winner and the subsequent tears, disappointment or anger when they don’t win. You can work on a number of goals at one time which is very helpful when you are doing therapy in groups.